Area P

Research Area P: Principles of information processing for everyday activity

The knowledge about everyday activity from Area H needs to be represented such that it is useful to artificial systems. Research Area P will investigate the representational foundations, reasoning techniques and formalizations of NEEMs, and common knowledge and plans for mastering everyday activity. The aim is to design representation and reasoning mechanisms that capture the intuitions behind human activity. If we map a reasoning problem into the respective formal representation, apply the automated reasoning method to the problem, and consider the semantics of the formally derived result then this ideally should be comparable to the common-
sense reasoning of humans.
Research Area P will advance our understanding and ability to work with the knowledge underlying intelligent everyday behavior. It will feed directly into various control mechanisms for robotic agents as investigated in the context of Research Area R and provide feedback for the research activities in Research Area H.

The goal of Research Area P is to understand the representation and reasoning foundations of information processing methods that enable robotic agents to master everyday activities.