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Successful Open Lab Day

On Thursday, 29 June 2018, we had a successful open lab day and had the opportunity to welcome many interested visitors to our lab. We would like to thank everybody for interesting discussions, new ideas and a useful exchange about opinions about the future of robotics. We would also like to thank the DFKI Bremen for the cooperation.

EASE milestone meeting great success

The EASE milestone meeting turned out to be a great success on all levels. Our milestones are met, if not exceeded and our project is moving forward in all directions. We were able to see how to collect big data from human table setting scenarios, the enhancements in the Virtual Reality environment Unreal – including a better grasp – as well as the new software Avatar, which now includes humans in our virtual environments, just to name a few.

Some impressions from the meeting:

EASE at the “Automatica”

EASE at the Automatica collected data from random participants in virtual reality scenarios. The more data we collect, the more variations on the executed tasks we can analyze!

Three tasks were investigated:
– doing the dishes (Kitchen)
– setting the table (Dinning room)
– vacuum cleaning (Living room)

Thank you to more than 200 participants!


Talk by Moritz Tenorth

On Tuesday, 29th May 2018, former colleague Moritz Tenorth from magazino visited and gave a talk.


In his talk, Moritz talked about some of the recent developments at the Munich-based startup Magazino. Magazino develops and builds perception-controlled, mobile robots for intralogistics. With Magazinos technology individual objects can be identified on the shelf and localized via 2D and 3D cameras, securely grasped and finally placed precisely at their destination. Moritz also talked about some of his personal lessons learned during his transition from an academic to a startup working environment.


Dr. Moritz Tenorth is currently the CTO of the Munich-based robotics startup Magazino. Before joining Magazino in 2015, we was working as a Post-Doc in the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at the  University of Bremen. During his PhD at TU Munich, he investigated knowledge representation and processing technology for robotics, and developed the KnowRob framework.